2022 2nd International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication
Call For Papers

2022 2nd International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Social DevelopmentMedia Communication
  • The scientific development                          

  • Social development theory research 

  • Arts History and art development

  • Ideological and political education

  • Building a Harmonious Society

  • Socialism with Chinese characteristics

  • Comprehensive development and countermeasure research

  • New Era theory and thought

  • Social change and ecological civilization

  • Innovation in social governance

  • Foundation of Social Work

  • Sociology and Development

  • Media, information and communication

  • Music, History of Music

  • Humanities and social science education

  • Motherhood and family life

  • Sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Sustainable human and social development

  • Sustainable Urban Communities

  • Sustainable urban transport and environment

  • Technology and Education

  • Sustainable economic development

  • Green economy and well-off life

  • The relationship between environmental protection and social development

  • The new era of  Media

  • Media communication and news spread

  • The role of news media communication in epidemic 

  • The relationship between social development and news communication

  • The Internet and new media

  • The rise and application of we media

  • Multiple media news dissemination

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Artistic representation of women (film, literature, music, etc.)

  • Multimedia application in school classroom

  • Intelligent and cognitive technologies for services

  • Education innovation and reform in the age of intelligence

  • Application of artificial intelligence in education

  • Systems and technologies in elearning

  • Digital technology of educational information resources

  • Learning science and learning technology research

  • The impact of Internet and media on social progress

  • The conflict between Internet celebrity culture and traditional media

  • News communication and personal judgment

  • The risks of media communication

  • Law and media communication

  • Media communication is in harmony with human nature

  • Dissemination and inheritance of the twelve socialist core values

  • Live broadcasting brings goods and economic development